Module ecapnpc

The Erlang Cap'n Proto Compiler plugin.

Copyright 2013, Andreas Stenius

Authors: Andreas Stenius (


The Erlang Cap'n Proto Compiler plugin.

This module takes a CodeGeneratorRequest message and compiles the requested schema files into Erlang header files.

Thus, a my_schema.capnp will be compiled to my_schema.capnp.hrl, implementing my_schema/N functions for reading and writing Cap'n Proto messages using my_schema.

Schema functions

The schema functions implemented in a compiled schema header file are:
fun((root, schema_type(), message()) -> {ok, object()})
Get a reference to the root object in message.
fun((root, schema_type()) -> {ok, object()})
Set root object type for a new message.
fun((get, field_name(), object()) -> field_value())
Read object field value.
fun((get, object()) -> (field_name() | {field_name(), field_value()}))
Read unnamed union value of object.
fun((set, field_name(), field_value(), object()) -> ok)
Write value to object field.
fun((set, {field_name(), field_value()} | field_name(), object()) -> ok)
Write unnamed union value.
fun((to_struct, schema_type(), object()) -> object())
Type cast object to another struct type.
fun((to_list, schema_type(), object()) -> list())
Type cast object to list.
fun((to_text | to_data, object()) -> binary())
Type cast object to text or data.
fun((schema) -> schema())
Get the compiled schema definition.
Where fun is named after the basename of the schema file (refer to the my_schema.capnp example in the Description section).

Data Types


message() = ecapnp:message()

Function Index

compile_data/1Compile the CodeGeneratorRequest message (unpacked) in Data.
compile_file/1Read a CodeGeneratorRequest message (unpacked) from FileName and compile it.
compile_message/1Compile the CodeGeneratorRequest message.

Function Details


compile_data(Data::binary()) -> ok

Compile the CodeGeneratorRequest message (unpacked) in Data.


compile_file(FileName::file:name_all()) -> ok

Read a CodeGeneratorRequest message (unpacked) from FileName and compile it.


compile_message(Message::message()) -> ok

Compile the CodeGeneratorRequest message. The Message argument holds the raw segments data to process, no futher processing on the message itself will be carried out prior to the compilation step.

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